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Policy Number Policy Name Division Category Description
detail FS-10 Fixed Asset Accounting Policy DO Fiscal Fixed Asset Accounting Policy
detail FS-11 Internal Use Software Policy DO Fiscal Internal Use Software Policy (please note the DOA approved exception of $50,000 instead of $5,000 for internally developed or contractor developed software)
detail FS-12 Useful Life, Asset Value, Salvage Value Policy DO Fiscal Useful Life, Asset Value, Salvage Value Policy
detail FS-20 Accounting Chartfield Values Policy DO Fiscal Accounting Chartfield Values Policy
detail HR-1 Hours of Work DO HR
detail HR-3 EEO DO HR
detail HR-4 Workplace Harassment DO HR
detail HR-19 Return To Work DO HR
detail PR-1 DGS Procurement Policy and Procedures DO CPU
detail PR-2 Purchasing Charge Card Program DO CPU
detail HR-12 Family and Medical Leave DO HR
detail HR-13 Workplace Violence DO HR
detail HR-5 Position Classification DO HR
detail HR-9 Employee Professional Development DO HR
detail HR-11 Outside Employment DO HR
detail HR-15 Emergency Closings DO HR
detail HR-2 Outprocessing DO HR
detail HR-14 Leave Sharing DO HR
detail HR-16 Teleworking DO HR
detail HR-7 Drug Free Workplace DO HR
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