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Public-Private Educational Facilities Infrastructure Act

The Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) was designed to bring private sector expertise to bear on public projects - saving time and money.

It has allowed private entities to "acquire, design, construct, improve, renovate, expand, equip, maintain or operate qualifying projects" and encourages innovative approaches to financing construction and renovation.

The law created resources to fund a comprehensive range of projects, including schools, wastewater treatment plants, and telecommunications infrastructure - essentially any type of public venture.

Guidance Documents:

Businesses interested in submitting a PPEA proposal to state agencies must abide by the most current procedures. These procedures must also be followed by state agencies that are receiving proposals.

Current Version:

Archive Versions:


Responsible public entities, including localities, interested in implementing the PPEA should base their procedures on the guidelines issued by the PPEA Working Group.


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