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Form Number Form Name Division Category Sub-Cat Description
detail DGS-30-076 CO-9a, Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance DEB BCOM Revised 05/02
detail DGS-30-080 CO-9b, Post Bid Modification DEB BCOM Revised 06/07
detail DGS-30-084 CO-10, Standard Performance Bond DEB BCOM Revised 09/07
detail DGS-30-088 CO-10.1, Standard Labor and Material Payment Bond DEB BCOM Revised 09/11
detail DGS-30-090 CO-10.2, Standard Bid Bond DEB BCOM Revised 12/07
detail DGS-30-092 CO-11, Change Order (for Construction Contract) DEB BCOM Revised 02/16
detail DGS-30-096 CO-11a, Change Order Justification (this form is included within the CO-11, aka, DGS-30-092 form) DEB BCOM Revised 02/16
detail DGS-30-100 CO-11ae, Change Order (for A/E Contract) DEB BCOM Revised 04/16
detail DGS-30-1001 Courthouse Evaluation Program- Application Form DEB DEB A signed form must be submitted with the Facility Evaluation, site plan, and supporting documentation.
detail DGS-30-1002 Courthouse Evaluation Program Facility Evaluation Form DEB DEB Completed by the locality and submitted to DGS with the Application, site plan, and supporting documentation.
detail DGS-30-104 CO-12, Schedule of Values and Certificate for Payment DEB BCOM Revised 01/16
detail DGS-30-108 CO-13, Affidavit of Payment of Claims DEB BCOM Revised 02/01
detail DGS-30-112 CO-13.1, Certificate of Completion by A/E or Project Manager DEB BCOM Revised 04/13
detail DGS-30-116 CO-13.1a, Certificate of Substantial Completion by A/E DEB BCOM Revised 04/13
detail DGS-30-120 CO-13.1b, Final Report of Structural & Special Inspections DEB BCOM Revised 08/14
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