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Form Number Form Name Division Category Sub-Cat Description
detail TS-1 Corrected TimeSheet DO HR Corrected TimeSheet
detail P-5 DGS Position Request Form DO HR DGS Position Request Form
detail HR-5 EWP Form DO HR
detail HR-2-A HR-2 Outprocessing Checklist DO HR HR-2 Attachment A Outprocessing Checklist
detail HR-2 Outprocessing Checklist DO HR Outprocessing Checklist
detail HR-11 Outside Employment DO HR Outside Employment Form
detail Eligibility Update Surplus Donation Eligibility Update DO Surplus Surplus Donation Eligibility Update
detail Direct Deposit Form Direct Deposit Form DO HR Direct Deposit Form
detail DGS-50-TowerQ&A Communications Provider Questionnaire DRES DRES Form Questionnaire to be completed by Communications Provider on cell tower leases
detail DGS-50-Relo Guide Office Relocation Guide DRES DRES Leasing A guide for what to do when the Lease ends and it is time to move out of the Premises.
detail DGS-50-Occupant Handbook Occupant Handbook DRES DRES Leasing A handbook to assist state agencies, boards, and commissions in their occupancy of leased facilities.
detail DGS-50-MOA Memorandum of Agreement DRES DRES Leasing Agreement between DGS and Agency regarding leased property and each party's financial and administrative responsibilities
detail DGS-50-Maintenance Log Maintenance Issues Tracking Log DRES DRES Leasing A Log to record communications with the Landlord regarding any facilities or maintenance concerns.
detail DGS-50-Fees DRES Services and Fees DRES DRES Misc Reference chart of DRES Real Estate Services and associated Fees
detail DGS-50-DEL Delegation of Authority DRES DRES Leasing Delegation of Authority regarding decisions pertaining to leases occupied by Agency
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