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Form Number Form Name Division Category Sub-Cat Description
detail DGS-30-124 CO-13.1b-twr, Final Report of Structural & Special Inspections for a Communications Tower DEB BCOM Revised 02/01
detail DGS-30-128 CO-13.1c, Certificate of Partial or Substantial Completion by Inspector, Project Manager, or Construction Administrator DEB BCOM Revised 07/09
detail DGS-30-132 CO-13.1-twr, Certificate of Completion of a Communications Tower by A/E DEB BCOM Revised 07/09
detail DGS-30-136 CO-13.2, Certificate of Completion by Contractor DEB BCOM Revised 07/09
detail DGS-30-140 CO-13.2a, Certificate of Partial or Substantial Completion by Contractor DEB BCOM Revised 07/09
detail DGS-30-152 CO-13.3b, Checklist for Beneficial Occupancy DEB BCOM Revised 02/16
detail DGS-30-166 Self-Bonding Transmittal Form DEB BCOM Added 11/11
detail DGS-30-168 CO-16, Contractor's Statement of Qualifications DEB BCOM Revised 04/15
detail DGS-30-172 CO-16 Attachment, Crosswalk of Firm and Key Personnel Experience DEB BCOM Added 04/15
detail DGS-30-174 CO-16 Attachment, Additional Financial and Insurance Requirements for Self-Bonding DEB BCOM Revised 04/15
detail DGS-30-176 CO-17.1, Application for Demolition Permit DEB BCOM Revised 08/14
detail DGS-30-190 CO-17TMP Attachment One, Building Permit Attachment for Amusement Device DEB BCOM Revised 09/14
detail DGS-30-196 CO-18, Sole Source Procurement Request DEB BCOM Revised 03/14
detail DGS-30-197 CO-18a, Sole Source Procurement Disclosure Statement DEB BCOM Added 08/15
detail DGS-30-198 CR-2, Cost Review Questionnaire DEB BCOM Revised 10/16
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