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Capitol Square Landscape Master Plan- 2014 Update

NEW!  Updated version available hereLandscape Master Plan Map

Capitol Square serves a significant dual role as the beautiful historic and ceremonial seat of the Commonwealth of Virginia and as an important urban oasis for the City of Richmond. In 2004, the Department of General Services (DGS) published a Landscape Master Plan for Capitol Square to establish "intermediate and long range goals for the renovation of plantings, site improvements, and programs for enhancing the visual aspects" of the Square.  In 2014, DGS, in collaboration with the Capitol Square Preservation Council, oversaw a comprehensive update the 2004 plan.

The 2014 Update to the Capitol Square Landscape Master Plan document comprises the following:

    • A statement of significance and an historic overview of the evolution of the Capitol Square landscape, including a Timeline of significant events in the Square’s development;


    • An analysis of existing conditions, review of which elements of the 2004 CSLMP have been implemented, and those that have not, and updated recommendations going forward;


    • A presentation of vision and goals and associated specific recommendations for each major area of the site; and,


    • Design guidelines that will help direct future design and maintenance decisions.


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