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Photovoltaic InstallationsMadison Project

Construction Started: May 2011 
Completion: November 2011 
Project Cost: $4,532, 000

Project Features and Facts

  • Installation of new photovoltaic panels on three Commonwealth owned properties.  A total of 1,830 photovoltaic panels covering 32,010 square foot will be installed among three locations: 
    • 14th & Main Deck— a solar canopy will be located on the roof of this seven story parking deck and will create a semi-covered parking area with 755 panels covering 13,600 square feet and producing 231,098 kWh. 
    • James Madison Building— a solar awning with 45 panels that will shade an 840 square feet area will be installed on this 14 story office building to produce 15,425 kWh. 
    • Virginia Distribution Center— the photovoltaic panels will be mounted directly to the roof of this one story warehouse facility and will include 1,030 panels covering 17,570 square feet to produce 302,497 kWh. 
  • Photovoltaic panels and brackets will be compatible with existing building architecture and that of surrounding buildings. 
  • Installation of panels affords the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable environment. 
    • Annually the projects will produce a total of 549,020 kWh of renewable power. 
    • This is equivalent to not emitting 394 metric tons of carbon dioxide which is the annual greenhouse gas emission of 75.4 passenger vehicles or the CO2 emissions from the electricity use of 47.9 homes for one year. 
    • The panels installed on the 14th & Main Deck will provide 77% of the electrical power needed to operate the facility.
  • This is a PPEA project that is financed with ARRA stimulus funds being administered by the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy. 
  • The design-builder for this project is Trane U.S. Inc and Moseley Architects and the contractor is Gilbane, Inc.

Construction Highlights

  • Installations in conformance with state and local guidelines for photovoltaic panels on existing structures. 
  • The addition of panels is designed to conform to the existing structure and use of each facility. 
  • The projects illustrate the application of photovoltaic panels to existing facilities.


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